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Founder and CEO of ThoughtLeadership.in, a boutique consulting and coaching firm with knowledge and learning-based leadership as its USP. Tathaghat is a mentor par excellence, a sought-after speaker, an avid and prolific blogger, and a faculty coach.  He has built products in diverse hi-tech domains and is a volunteer with and holds membership at leading science societies, such as Senior Member of IEEE, Senior Member of ACM, and a Mensa Life Member for India. He has been recognized with several awards and honors in leadership, mentoring and innovation for his technical and professional contributions. Recently, he was chosen the Agile Leader of the Year 2015 by a jury led by KPMG at the inaugural India Agile Leader awards. He is a thought leader who has been the Chair at several leading science and technology conferences, a judge at Edison Awards and Edison Universe, Zinnov, and has to his credit numerous blogs and papers. He is a published APress author (book titled, “Agile Product Development: How to Design Innovative Products that Create Customer Value”) and has another book in the pipeline.

Presentation “Agile Product Discovery

Product Discovery is the process by which we build products that aren’t just usable but also useful. In short, making products that the market wants. This is easier said than done! Unfortunately, the traditional market research is too lengthy and costly in today’s fast-paced and dynamic marketplace, and given the long-haul nature of development cycle, doesn’t quite help improve chances of building the right product. We clearly need a different thinking here. In this talk, he will discuss how agile and lean principles are applied to make product discovery process more efficient and effective. Please check the presentations below.


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