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About Sundaresan Jagadeesan, Philips

The Program manager @ Philips with 20 years of Industrial experience, Sundaresan has been Leading Program Management functions for ‘Scaled Agile Transformation’ and has been involved in deployment of Scaled Agile practices across R&D function groups within Philips. His passion towards SAFE has led him to share & learn, dissemination of Agile practices from Lead/Mass deployments to other teams within the organization.

He has successfully completed 80+ (Scaled) Agile deployments till May’17.

Presentation: “Scaled Agile Transformation Journey: Successful Ingredients

In this talk you will come to know about the journey of Philips towards Agile methodology, the challenges they faced ,how they progressed towards success ,the way the leadership engagement was done and finally what results they got out of it. A good insight about the journey. Please check the entire presentation here.

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