About Steve Porter,

Steve Porter is an ALM mentor/coach/trainer who has a strong background in multiple project management styles. Over the past several years, he has focused his efforts on Agile practices in general and the Scrum Framework in particular. Steve is currently employed by and works in close collaboration with Ken Schwaber on his mission to improve the profession of software development. He plays an active role in the creation of all training material, and assessments. Most recently Steve was one of only 8 acknowledged contributors to Ken Schwaber’s Nexus framework; a framework for scaled Scrum initiatives.

Presentation: “What every Scrum Teams need to know about Kanban

Steve will focus on how to improve your Sprint forecasting using common Kanban metrics ,how to improve your Kanban team’s kaizen with Scrum’s events, roles and artifacts. And how combining both practices will enhance the collaboration across your teams. Please check the entire presentation here.

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