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About Rini van Solingen, Prowareness

Rini van Solingen is a professor in global software engineering at Delft University of the Netherlands, and CTO at Prowareness. He is co-author of The Power of Scrum (book with Jeff Sutherland and Eelco Rustenburg), co-author of Scrum for Managers (book with Rob van Lanen), co-author of The Responsive Enterprise (book with Vikram Kapoor) and author of his latest book: How to lead self-organizing team. Rini has guided, coached and consulted more than 50 organizations in the adoption of Scrum and Agile, and he is a frequent speaker on Agile Transformations, Global Scrum teams and Responsive Enterprises.

Keynote ‘The good, the bad and the Ugly’

Scrum has and is still significantly changing the world of work. What started originally with a practical survival strategy for software development has emerged into a complete new way of structuring work, teams and complete organizations. Despite the power of Scrum, there are also drawbacks and risks. In this keynote presentation Rini van Solingen will share his experiences in Agile transformations and Scrum implementations from the past decade. He will summarize his learnings into a list of 9 good’s, bad’s and ugly’s, and illustrate these with real-life anecdotes and examples. Please check out the handouts here.

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