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    About Phani Bhushan, Devon

    Phani work as an Agile coach and a trainer at Devon, helping organizations to make the transition to the Agile way of working. He personally believes that successful software development starts with good collaboration between business and IT people. Success starts with people who are willing to cooperate with other professions. Indeed, individuals and interactions. Agile methods like Scrum helps people to understand each other’s challenges and figure out how they can help one another in order to come up with winning solutions. As a trainer, Phani teaches the Professional Scrum Master and the Professional Scrum Product Owner classes. He is a technologist at heart, passionate about Continuous Delivery, DevOps, automated testing and Application Lifecycle Management. Phani loves to help organizations implementing Continuous Delivery practices such as: Infrastructure automation, DevOps, deployment pipelines etc.

    Presentation: “Pitfalls to avoid while implementing Continuous Delivery at an Enterprise”

    Continuous Delivery in large organizations demands additional activities, because in such environments there is more complexity due to company size, diversity, number of systems and scale of operations. In addition, enterprises mostly work with globally distributed teams making implementation of continuous delivery even more challenging. This talk highlights five key areas to address in an enterprise context when successfully implementing continuous delivery. Please check out the entire presentation here.

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