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Nagesh Sharma is currently employed by Prowareness and his mission resonates with mission “to improve the profession of software delivery”. He is engaged with Large Enterprise transformation to an Agile and Lean approach, organizational dynamics and creating high performing teams. Nagesh is a Trainer/Coach/Facilitator/Learner who has a strong background in the Product and Project management styles. Over the past few years, he has focused his efforts on Agile practices in general and the Scrum Framework & scaling in precise. His Agile knowledge, along with his coaching and training abilities, offers him the perspective needed to guide teams and Agile leaders to harness Agile as the competitive advantage. Nagesh is also a Certified Transformation Coach by ICF-International Coach Federation and Certified NLP Practitioner by American Union of NLP.

Presentation with Steve Porter: “Myths, Mysteries and Misconceptions of Scrum

Scrum has stepped into its adulthood and as Scrum is becoming more popular in teams and organizations, there is a high opportunity for people to misunderstand it and not gain full advantage of its implementation. This talk explores audience through the Scrum Myths, Mysteries and Misconceptions. Please check the entire presentation here.

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