Deepti JainFounder AgileVirgin

Deepti Jain, Founder AgileVirgin, Agile Enabler @Gartner

Deepti Jain founder of AgileVirgin and Agile Enabler @Gartner, is an Agile practitioner, experienced in creating, leading, and managing Agile team in distributed setup. Specializes in Scaling Software Agility at Large Enterprises using SAFe framework and Lean Agile Practices, Agile Transformation and Adoption Consulting, Coaching, Mentoring and Training , Scrum Project Management Consulting and Implementation . She is also involved in running Role Based coaching sessions for Product Owners, Scrum Masters and Teams , Training and Consulting for ATLASSIAN Tools

Presentation: “Agile Beyond IT

Deepti is conducting a workshop that will start with reflecting on existing contracting systems and their evil effects on Agile culture, Agile mindset. Then will focus on from where we started on our Agile journey, what Agile philosophy says about working with customer, and how we fail to achieve it if we go by traditional contracts. Followed by creating our own Agile Contracts which will be based on very famous “Statement of Target outcome – SOTO” approach. Please check the entire presentation here.

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